Therapeutic Massage NOW!

Because Now! is the right time for massage

Why have you been a massage therapist for so long?

I've been a therapist for 15 years because I believe that it was what I was put here to do. It is the most I can help people and it is my passion to help as many people as I can every single day. I LOVE what I do and hope to do it another 30 years

What are your hours of operation?

Sunday and Monday off. Saturday and Tuesday 9am-5pm. Wednesday Thursday and Friday 10am-10pm.

How far ahead do I need to book?

Currently, I am sold out about 1-2 weeks  in advance. To find out the quickest available appointment the direct link is and my schedule and availability pops up.  I always book my appointments first come first serve so the longer out you book the more likely you are to get the time you want. 

How can I book my appointment? is where you can book your appointment online 24/7. If you do not like to book online please send text questions to 702-771-5031. Due to the potential of accidentally double booking clients if I where to book any appointments, I do require all appointments to be made by the client online. 

Why Texting?

I am a very busy solo business owner. I typically will be in session for 10-12 hours straight. Texting is a function I can perform as my clients are getting on or off the table as well as I can send texts while they are filling out paperwork. I can not call a voice message back in that time period because I do not know how long the phone conversation will go. In addition, I've always followed the do not call back unless it's in the time period of 9am until 8pm. So if I am booked until 10pm if you call anytime during that time I can not return your call until the next day. 

When booking online I was asked to put in a credit card, Why?

To hold my time a credit card is required so that if one cancels with less then 24hr. notice or with no notice, one will be charged 100% of the fee for the time they took from other clients. In addition, even with a 100% payment, if clients no call no show without a medical emergency they will not be re-booked. 

How long does it take you to return phone calls???

First, let me apologize for the length of time it takes between phone calls. To keep cost low and to allow my massage price to be affordable twice monthly for most clients, I have decided that I do not want to pay for a receptionist or receptionist services. I do this for customers benefits and every business has to choose what's best for it. If you text, 99% of the time you get a same day response as long as you are not texting after hours. However, I have to schedule time off of massage to return phone calls and lately I've been getting so many text messages the hours I take off are busy responding to those. Because of these facts it can take me anywhere from 5-7 days to return a phone call. I highly encourage texting.  

Is there any phone calls you do not return?

Yes, since it can take me 4-5 days to return call if your message is asking for a same day couples session, female therapist etc,  I will not bother you with a return call four days later. I started my business calling every client back no matter what, no matter how long and found that with these clients I just confused them and they did not even remember calling. If for some reason I do not return your phone call please understand that I only did not to try to be more respectful to you and not less. Thank you for understanding. 


Can you do a couples massage?

No. I am an independent massage therapist that works inside a MedSpa named Just Face It (702) 562-2882. Inside my beautiful facility you will find Aestheticians, PA's, Nutritionist and a Homeopathic Physician. I am confident these wonderful professionals could help you while you are waiting on your loved ones. Also, I'm around plenty of restaurants and I've had many of my couples clients enjoy a meal while their partners are being massaged. We also have a beautiful lobby area where you are free to relax or read a book while your partner is receiving their massage.

What does customize massage mean? 

A customized massaged just means that instead of labeling your massage as deep tissue or Swedish before your therapy, at Therapeutic Massage NOW! your massage will be whatever you want that day at that moment. 

Which is your favorite type of massage to do?

I Love all massages. After studying all modalities for 15 years I developed my own technique that I call Neuroconfusion Technique. Even though I created my own modality  I look at every massage modality as a tool in my tool box. The analogy I always use is: "You don't get mad at your hammer because it doesn't screw in the nail." There is no 100% right modality for 100% of people. My favorite massage to give is the one that will help you out the most, that day.  

What is Neuroconfusion Technique?

After working on literally over 14,000 bodies and studying vast modalities, I found a technique that I employ that I believe allows me to work out pain in the body in a unique way. I've been told it feels that I massage with four hands and its hard to know where exactly I'm focusing pressure. It seems to most of my clients like they receive extremely deep tissue work without the deep tissue pain. Everyone experiences every technique differently and the only response that matters to me about any technique is your response.

I have a Groupon, can I book?

THANK YOU!!! I appreciate my Groupon clients so much! It has been wonderful meeting you all. While my goal was to work on locals frequently I have thoroughly enjoyed my tourist clients and hope you will come back to see me. I book Groupons the same way I book my other clients, first come first serve. If I have an opening I'd love to work on anyone and appreciate Groupon's wonderful array of clients and their professional wonderful demeanor. 

I am absolutely in dire need, can you please book me Sunday or Monday? 

First I am sorry for your pain. I do want to help as many people as possible, however, I am a father and take raising children as a very serious job that I am privileged to have. This means under no circumstance can I ever perform massage on a Sunday or monday. Thank you for understanding.